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Top Of The Biggest Predatory Dinosaurs

Top of the most dangerous dinosaurs

Let's pretend that we moved on a million years ago and faced face to face with prehistoric lizards. More than 65 million years ago, there were many monsters on Earth, but some of them were even on their background.

It's fair to start with him. Even if the tirant was not the deadliest prehistorian, it was the legendary dinosaur of our days. It is not just a mass culture (although it has certainly played its part). Tyrannosaur was indeed among the worst dinosaurs. The largest skeleton of this creature gives a very specific picture of its size. It was 12, 3 m long and 4 m high. Took a little less than 7 tons of this lizard. It is estimated that the rear teeth of the adult were confused by force to 37 kilounyutons, which is about 15 times higher than the adult lion.

All of this suggests that the tyrannosaur was some kind of predator of a late meal period (he was also one of the last lizarrothas dinosaurs in general). It's kind of a verbal evolution of predatory lizards. Another theory says that we're just a scavenger who, because of his size, couldn't be a good hunter. Although most scientists question that conclusion.

Generally speaking, like other creatures from the tyrannosaurid family, tyrannosauri origins traveled on two laps, had short front handles, massive head and long tail. This species now includes one species, Tyrannosaurus rex.


However dangerous T. rex, there was a larger predatory lizard. His name is Sinosaur. Representatives of this kind lived in a meal period about 100 million years ago. A great feature of this dinosaur in a spinal ridge with long stretches that reached two metres high. So there was some kind of sail on the back of the dinosaur. He was probably the thermoregulation, or he needed it to attract partners to evaporate.

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