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Top 10 Of The Predatory Dinosaurs

Top 10 of the most furious sea dinosaurs



Shastasaurus (Shastasaurus) is the dinosaurs that lived at the end of the triath period (more than 200 million years ago) in the modern North America and possibly China. His remains were found in California, British Columbia and the Chinese province of Guizhou. This predator is the largest sea reptile ever found on the planet. It could grow to 21 metres long and weigh 20 tons.


In the ninth place, Dakosaurus ranked in the rating, a marine crocodile who lived in a late jurical, early meal period (over 100, 5 million years ago). There was a large, damaging animal that was adapted almost exclusively to the hunting of large mining. Could have grown up to 6 metres long.


Talassomedon (Thalasdon) is the dinosaurs that lived in North America about 95 million years ago. Probably the predator of his time. Talasmedon grew to 12, 3 m long. His laste was about 1, 5-2 meters. The length of the skull was 47 centimeters, the teeth were 5 cm. He was eating fish.


Notosaur (Nothosaurus) is a marine lizard living 240-210 million years ago in the territory of modern Russia, Israel, China and North Africa. It was about 4 metres long. There were overlapping limbs, with five long fingers that could be used for both land and navigation. Probably eating fish. The full skeleton of the notosaurus can be seen in the Museum of Natural History in Berlin.


In the sixth place, the Tylosaurus is on the list of the most furious marine dinosaurs, a large marine predatory lizard living the oceans at the end of the meal period (about 88 to 78 million years ago). He was a dominant marine predator of his time. He grew up to 14 m long. He was drinking fish, large predatory sharks, small mosaacs, plesiosars and watermelter birds.


Talattoarchon (Thalattoarchon) is a large marine reptile that lived more than 245 million years ago in the current western part of the United States. The remains of the skull, spine, pelvic bones and parts of the rear float were found in Nevada State in 2010. The talattoarchone was estimated to be a superhero of his time. It grew at least 8, 6 m long.


Tanistrofei (Tanystropheus) is the birth of lizard presumptives living on average around 230 million years ago. He grew up to a 6-metre length, and he was very stretched and sliding neck, which reached 3, 5 m. Leading a predatory water or half-sea lifestyle, probably hunting near the shore on fish and dung milk.

Нотозавр Тилозавр Талаттоархон Танистрофей

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