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Dinosaurs Stories For Children

Smith David J

динозавры картинки
Smith David J. Imagine. A new look at the giant numbers and non-explicable values / Ill: Adams Steve; Per. - In history, 2016. - 40 s. - (Seria: Peace around us) - ISBN: 978-5-905474-60-6

Annotations to the book: If the entire history of our planet is down to 1:00, Dinosaurs lived There's only three minutes on Earth. If all the money in the world is a bunch of 100 coins, Africa will only get three coins. If the sun is the size of the grapefruit, the Earth is the saliva. All these amazing comparisons came from a writer and a school teacher with a 25-year-old David J. Smith. He's convinced that a concept of scale will help children imagine things that are completely incredible. How do you describe the size of the universe to a child? How do you tell me how long Earth has existed? How do you give him an idea of the great diversity of living organisms? This challenging task will be addressed through infographic and self-reliance. Steel, reminiscent illustrations of this book created an artist, Steve Adams, whose work is marked by numerous awards and awards. For junior and middle school age. What's the book worth? The book "Look for yourself" broadens the child ' s horizon to pave the way for astronomy, history, economy, ecology. The publication stimulates imagination, invites the world not through standard school methods, but through a fascinating and fun comparison. The need to think, to train brains and fantasies in this book always leads a little reader to unexpected, happy discoveries. At the end of the book, methodological material is attached to assist parents and teachers.

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