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Фильм Остров динозавров

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Peru has always been a country where Michelle wanted to be. So when there's a chance to go there, she's using it right away. Now, the main heroin of the film " Safe " is going to Peru in the society of James, its documentary colleague. Together, they need to remove some videos there, then make their scientific expedition a documentary film. There's another research group on the scene, led by Dr. Hawson, a popular inner circle. By uniting their efforts, they are beginning to explore the surrounding world, with special attention to animals. But by studying the local fauna, members of the group do not even know what kind of threat they pose. When the heroes go back to the jungle, they meet there... dinosaur! Shocked by this discovery, they want to continue the journey, but they're running away from them. And soon it becomes clear why there are more than 100 different species on heroes that were considered to have died thousands of years ago.

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