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Dinosaurs Flying

Found a dinosaur like a summer mouse

Динозавров разделили на

The Nature Journal published an article of Chinese paleontologists who completed the study of the dinosaur skeleton found in the Habei province. The dinosaur lived on the planet about 160 million years ago and had very small sizes, with a weight of 360 to 380 grams. The reptile was named " cy " , which in translation from Chinese means " foreign wings " .

The dinosaur wings are indeed unique: they do not look like wings that have family reptiles. Scansoriopterygidae♪ Typically, the construction of the front limbs of these dinosaurs is characterized by an unusually long third finger, which served as the basis of the wing, and by the presence of long, downstream feathers. Some reptiles used wings not for flights, but for tree climbing.

Scientists found that dinosaur and tsi had wings that resembled the wings of bats: the reptiles had long, detached bones - no known dinosaurs. In addition, researchers found residues of membrane tissue on the bones, suggesting that they used wings to fly. The paleontologists are confident that further exploration of the skeleton will help them to find out new details of the evolution. Dinosaurs and birds.

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