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Dinosaur Era

In the Russian procate, a picture of the World of the Jurisdiction was launched, the fourth of the famous franchise stien spielberg

Крис Пратт и динозавры Мира

In the Russian procate, a picture of the World ' s Period was launched, the fourth of Stephen Spilberg ' s famous franchise. In honor of the film KinoPosiz With Chris Prattt, Bryce Dallas Howard and other actors remind the best dinosaurs of the series.

Best dinosaurs of the Frances of the Yuri Period

In the fourth part, the legendary park finally opens for tourists, and scientists are able to remove a new appearance of super-dinosaur, which, instead of posing in front of cameras and bringing everyone joy, runs away and hosts a real massacre. The picture got a warm welcome from the critics, and now she's being charged with a $125 million debut weekend in the American procate. Colin Trevorrow was the insurgent, but the next part, in his own confession, will be headed by another director.

What dinosaurs in France were most likely to remember you?

Authors Elizabeth Okulova, Victoria Raevsky

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