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Dinosaurs Egg

In Chinese, 43 dinosaur eggs were found during roadworks

The dinosaur eggs are found in Chinese Hayuan during the road repair. Over the past 20 years, some 17,000 eggs of ancient lizards have been found in this town.

In southern China, eggs have been detected during roadworks, with an age of about 90 million years. The workers ' basement immediately suspended repairs and called on archaeologists and employees of the Haiyuan Museum, where they were stored The biggest. There's a collection of dinosaurs eggs in the world. The excavations lasted two hours, and the experts eventually recovered 43 eggs, 19 of which were intact and undamaged. Museum workers reported that the largest egg had a diameter of 13 cm, but had not yet been able to determine the age of the lining and the names of unsuccessful parents. In the near future, scientists will have to fully explore the discovery and find out what kind of dinosaurs belong to fossils.

The city of Haiuan is famous for the world ' s largest collection of dinosaurs eggs -- over 10,000 copies are stored in a city museum, and this record is officially recorded in the Ginness Book of Records. In the collection, the eggs of the veterans and the garrods were postponed from 65 to 89 million years ago.

According to CNN, the first dinosaur storage facility in Hayyuan found children playing the construction site in 1996. Since then, some 17,000 eggs of prehistoric lizards have been found at the digs. All the eggs were found in the rocks of a red sand, apparently the dinosaurs considered this environment to be favourable to the lining.

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