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Dinosaurs Flying Large


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The main hero is the curious orange tyrannosaurus of Buddy, living in the foster family of flying pteronosaurus dinosaurs. To find out who he really is, Buddy and his whole big foster family, parents, brothers and sisters, are going on a great journey on the Dinosaur Train. A fun company crosses the oceans and seas, enters through magical tunnels of time during the mesosaic era to find out how their ancestors lived. Buddy ' s and his friends ' adventures take place in a pre-historic, yet realistic, pre-historic world, among the jungle and swamps, active volcanoes and oceans. The serial is filled with funny dance and vocal numbers.
The objective of the project is to contribute carefully to the development of scientific thinking in the pre-school and junior school age, and to children ' s education in scale. The Dinosaurs Trainers served dinosaurs that lived on our planet and were discovered millions later by modern paleontologists.

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