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Big Predatory Dinosaurs

The biggest predatory dinosaur, the largest dinosaur

Cамый большой хищный динозаврIn past publications, we have already addressed the subject of giants, but no matter how we live. It's time to tell us about the record shifts between the dinosaurs and the land predators that have ever existed on Earth. Isn't that really interesting?

Who? The biggest predatory. Dinosaur? After multiple comparisons and checks of various sources, a list has been issued. So, 15 leaders to date:

  1. Tyrannotittan (Tyrannotitan chubutensis) - 12, 2 m.
  2. Epanterias amplexus - 12, 1 m.
  3. Oksalaya (Oxalaia quilombensis) - 12 m.
  4. Acrocanthosaurus atokensis - 11, 5 m.
  5. Cylantaisaurus tashuikouensis - 11 m.
  6. Zukhomim (Suchomimus tenerensis) - 11 m.
  7. Yangchuanosaurus - 11 m.
  8. Zhuchengtyrannus - 11 m.

Push the name to read the detailed description (in parentheses the species). As you can see, competition is very high, and any new finding can change the situation.

Cамые большие хищные динозаврыAmong them, the tyrannosaur rex is the most famous and studied. Spinosaur and Carharodontosaurus are still reconstructing fragments, so we look forward to new excavations. There may be larger individuals or even wholes.

Ask how small are modern predatory analogs compared to them? For example, the largest snake (network python) reaches 6, 95 metres long. Longest crocodile about 6, 7 m. And the biggest mammal hunter, white bear, only 3 meters. The risk suggests what the biggest dinosaur predator was.

The graphical comparison of several births from the top of the list, which will certainly be of interest to you.

Below number 2 of the ratings, tyrannosaurus, compared with the largest modern terrestrial mammals, African elephant.

This landscape is being implemented by the Indian paleohuman SameerPrehistorica.

It's important to note that the biggest predatory dinosaur is not the most dangerous. In the future, we will determine the list of the most powerful creatures. We take into account recent scientific assessments and periodically update the list. Watch our articles.

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