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Name Of Predatory Dinosaurs

Dirty dragon

3 Трицератопс Трицератопс

Dirty dragon. The new dinosaur died pathetic, ridiculous death

An international group of paleontologists in the uppermost sediments of the south-eastern Chinese province of Jiangsi found a clear example of fatal ignorance. It is not enough that, at the end of his short life, a small dinosaur was caught in a filthy trap in which he died, and in millions of years after his death, road workers destroyed his grave with dynamite.

The damage wasn't too fatal, and now the filthy dragon, as the new lizard was found, is hardly the perfect skeleton model for the whole group of virators. But he's not lucky to finally accept the ideal, but there's still a lot of lost fragments.

The honor of finding a new dinosaur belongs to the building brigade working on building the school building. To clear the site for construction, they used dynamite, and in the debris of an abandoned explosion, the species saw the bones of an unknown animal. Scientists who arrived at the scene determined that the workers had obtained an unknown science, the type of vectors, small two-legged dinosaurs, who lived just a few million years before the global mal-palerogenic eruption.

The new animal was called Tongtianlong limosus, which literally means a dirty dragon on the way to the sky. The skeleton is on the chest, pulling wings and head ahead. This weird pose has allowed paleontologists to assume that the dinosaur died in the dirt.

" This new dinosaur is one of the most beautiful and, at the same time, sad occamenals from all I've ever seen, admitted to the co-author of the study, Dr. Stephen Brusatte of the University of Ediburg. When you look at him, you really sympathize with the living thing that tries to save itself, but eventually dies. We are very fortunate that the dirty dragon is stuck in the dirt at its time, because now its skeleton is one of the best samples of those dinosaurs that have prospered over the past few million years before the world of asteroid falls.

According to paleontologists, Tongtianlong limosus belonged to a group of original dinosaurs known as Oviraptorosauria and came from a distant relative of tyrannosaurs and cyclics. Although opiosaurusaurids have come from Predatory dinosaursin time, they lost all their teeth and were probably all-faced by eating meat, molluscs, eggs and even plants, such as nuts.

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