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Types Of Grassy Dinosaurs

Found a new hog dinosaur

Найден новый рогатый динозаврMark Leven (Mark Loewen) from the Utah Museum of History, U.S.A., found an armored dinosaur in Mexico with two thresholds of 1, 2 m, reporting. These are the longest horns ever found in ancient reptiles. The discovery was made in 2003, but only now scientists have finally concluded that the dinosaur belongs to a new, still unknown species.

Coahuilaceratops magnacuerna, grassy dinosaur age 72 million years, was an an ancestor of known three-steps. Just like the other horn dinosaurs, there was a protective cosmic behind his head. Scientists believe that the horns have been used to fight for the self rather than fight with other predators. The occalculated remains belong to an adult animal weighing between 4 and 5 tons, 6, 7 m in bows and just over 2 m high. The remains of a young dinosaur were found near him. According to the research manager, the horn dinosaurs are an amazing example of the evolution of the vertebral animals. And finding one of them so far in southern Mexico was a total surprise. The new dinosaur changes the perceptions of the ancestors of the triceratos.

We'll remind you that a little more than a month ago in Texas, USA, there were other occamenal remains of a new species. grass dinosaurs♪ The dinosaur was called Texacephale langstoni. The bones of the ancient animal were excavated in the National Park of Big Band in 2008. The size of a medium dog was on Earth about 70 to 80 million years ago. Comparison of remains with similar samples found in Canada and the American state of Montana has shown that a new species can be attributed to the Pachycephalosauria Infraction. The dynamours of this infrastructural were living in a melting period, moving on two limbs and having powerful skulls. The special features of the species were large crusts on the skulls used by dinosaurs as a tool to combat the brethren.

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