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The Biggest Grassy Dinosaur

The world


The new discovery made by paleontologists in Argentine territory indicates that scientists may have the largest known fourth-legged vegetation dinosaurs. Researchers say that at this point they have about 70 per cent of the new type of Dreadnoughtus Schrani skeleton, which is sufficient to fully renovate the species.

High-probability technicians say that in life the species was at least 26 metres long and weighed about 60 tons. According to them, the skeleton in the area of excavation belonged to a person who was still growing, so the exact size of the dinosaur-hygant is not yet possible.

According to specialists, this animal was killed by floods. Specialists found that a new species had been around 77 million years ago.

The name is Dreadnoughtus Schrani, the dinosaur, received in honor of the giant Dreadnoughtus warship created at the beginning of the last century.

Paleontologists from Philadelphia University in the United States are convinced that Dreadnoughtus Schrani is that The big one. A living creature that has lived on land throughout the life of the planet. The outstanding prehistoric animal dimensions allow a fresh look at anatomy, biomechanics and the evolution of giant dinosaurs.

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