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The Most Dangerous Predatory Dinosaurs

For the first time in the archangels, come see the survivors

[Deinosuchus rugosus]

For the first time in Archangelska, come see the dinosaurs who lived

For the first time in Arkhangelsk, a dinosaurs exhibit! Children and their parents are invited to a prehistoric journey that promises to be the most extraordinary and memorable.

Dinosaurs are mysterious prehistoric giants who have been on the ground many million years ago. So far, scientists around the world are arguing what they were.

At the exhibition, guests will face to face with realistic, mobile, like living dinosaurs. The atmosphere will bring everyone to an amazing prehistoric world, where we can not only look at ancient animals, but also touch the predators of the past.

Children and adults will learn a lot of interesting facts from dinosaurs, for example, what dinosaur was the smallest and what the most dangerous.

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