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Predatory Dinosaurs With Description

Compound - compsognathus, dinosaur compared pictures

КомпсогнатNot all fossil reptiles, which were retained by the jurors, had impressive dimensions. In particular, there was a whole group of small therots, unsuccessfully sleeping in dense paporotics. One of them is the most popular. Latin name Compsognathus It's from a Greek word, a fine jaw. Indeed, the jaws are so miniature as to be created by the finest instruments of skilled ancients.

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Rod. Family Unit Unit We're gonna have to go.
КомпсогнатCompound Compounds Isolate Dinosaurs
Long before, see Up to, cm Weight up to, kg Live, ml.n. Habitat
125 40 3, 5 145-150, 8 (p.m.) Germany, France

Time and place of existence

Compagnies at the end of the legal period were around 145, 150, 8 million years ago. The territories of modern France and Germany have been extended.

CompsognathusTypes and history of detection

It's now the only thing that's accepted. Compsognathus longipeswhich is, respectively, model.

The first specimen, BSP AS I 563, was found by Joseph Oberndorfer ' s medic and collector, in German Zolnhofen in 1859. This community site near Bavaria is known by its fine-tuned limb limb of the limestone who filled the small jurors of Europe. A thing other than using lithography is famous for keeping all fossil remains perfectly. This extremely fragile skeleton has reached our days, giving scientists a chance to study the smallest details of the composer.

In the same year, the German paleontologist Johan Wagner came up with the name Compsognathus longipes and gave a full description in 1861.

КомпсогнатThe French skeleton MNHN CNJ 79 was found by the owner of a famous career, Luis Girardi, in the Kanyuers area near Nitzza in 1971.

Body building

The body of the compagnat has reached 125 centimetres (minimum size of the found adult, 89 cm). Up to 40 cm. He weighed up to 3, 5 kilos.

You can now imagine a torso of an animal holding less than half the specified length. Since it was found in the 19th century, it's been considered the smallest dinosaur for a long time. But gradually, the compagonate gave the palm of the firststation to a number of creatures.

The miniature predator moved on two long legs, and the thin tail was used to balance.

The front limbs were well developed and equipped with three claw fingers. For a long time, it was assumed that it had only two fingers, as the German comparator BSP AS I 563 did not contain a third, i.e., a small portion of the remains washed up before the end.

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