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Predatory Dinosaur Kills Grassy

Travoided dinosaurs killed a predatory blow in the smell

Травоядные динозавры убивали хищных ударом в пахThe paleontologists examined the remains of the allosar and concluded that the ancient predator was killed by a stab wound from the tailing chip, which resulted in internal infection and then death.

The infection drained a bone fragment with a baseball. It is likely that the contamination has spread to soft tissues, femur muscles, bowels and sexual organs, and the paleontologist from the Houston Natural Science Museum, Robert Backer, at the American Geological Society Symposium in Vancouver.

Paha traumas are observed in cowboys and their horses, which have been devastated by the species of Longhorn. Thus, fossil dinosaurs could be defensive of enemies, such as modern bulls, noses and buffaloes, given that the threshold was on their tail.

" The steroids could have kicked ass as monkeys. This part of the body was in a three-dimensional fight, noted by Becker. Usually, the stitches were sent to the side, but in order to hurt the frontal bone, the stecorazors could blow a tail between the legs of the allosaurus and kick his end.

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