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What Dinosaurs Are Grassy

Why the grassy dinosaurs didn't live in trias' tropics


Through another study, American scientists were able to find out why the first dinosaurs did not occur in tropical areas of the world. It appears that the whole cause was too high carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, as well as severe air temperature fluctuations. Such living conditions have made the territories close to the Equator very harsh for large grasslands.

Scientists were studying the richest casualty deposits of late. I wonder if only about 15 per cent of the remains belonged to dinosaurs, the rest of the research material was related to distant relatives of crocodiles and alligators. It is also interesting that no grassy dinosaur has been found near the equator, while in other areas the remains of such lizards can be found in beatings.

In order to find a logical explanation of this fact, the biologists have decided to study the isotope ratio of the mountains of the equatorial zone. Such an analysis would help to understand the carbon and oxygen levels in the late triast period. In order to have an understanding of the vegetation world of the above-mentioned period, researchers have examined the vacuum and dispute.

The results of the mining survey showed that more than 200 million ago, a real boyfriend was in the equatorial zone. The mean annual air temperature reached 28 degrees Celsius, and the amount of carbon dioxide was between 1,200 and 2,400 ppm. By way of word, this figure does not currently exceed 400 ppm. The study of charcoal also produced a result that showed that the forest fire temperature was almost 700 degrees Celsius.

The authors of the study note that the triastropics were characterized by unstable climate, droughts and sufficiently strong forest fires. Naturally, such conditions could not contribute to development in the zone grass dinosaurs♪ As is well known, the first dinosaurs settled in trajectory at the beginning of the legal period.

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