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What Dinosaurs Are Predatory

Божья коровка - любимое

Acrokantosaurus - "Chick with stiff spears"
Live-live period: approximately 125-112 million LN.
Unit: lizards
Unit: Terodes
General features of therod:
- went to the back of a powerful paw.
- feeding meat
♪ A lot of sharp, inner teeth
length 12, 5 m
height 4 m
weight 2, 5 tonnes
Nutrition: Mayaso of other dinosaurs
Discovered: 1950, USA

Acrokantosaurus could've hunted almost everyone. grass dinosaurs its ecosystem. Without that cumbersome body, he was even more impressive in his face with back vertebraces together forming horbs or sails, serving or intimidating enemies and attracting partners or for thermoration. Presumably, the acrokantosaurus developed a speed up to 40 km/h. More than a dozen skeletons are known to be 12. It belongs to the Carcharodontosauridae family, close to the allosauram. One of the few carharodontozavirid found outside the southern mainlands. Described in 1950 from the early village of Oklahoma. Originally considered as a spinster because of long-distance statures. It is now classified either as a real allosavram (Allosauridae) or as a Carcharodontosaurus. It's a huge animal, with a skull of about 120 cm, with a total length of up to 12 metres. The skull is similar in shape to the skull of the Carcharodontozar and the allosaurus is low, with ornament on the upper surface.

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