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5 Predatory Dinosaurs

5 smart dinosaurs

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Could dinosaurs be smart? Most of them were stupidest creatures ever walking around the planet. However, not all predatory, Tirannosaurus, Stregosaurus and Gasdrosaurus were as dumb as they were, and some even reached the level of mammals' intelligence. Here's a list of the five most magnificent dinosaurs based on their anatomy and behavioural models.Troodon

This man-made man-made man-made man-made man-made has become a reference lizard among the intellectual dinosaurs. Based on his predatory armour - big eyes, high speed, and the stereo of vision - paleontologists think Troodon should have had a particularly big brain, 'more' in this context means the size of the brain of the modern possum (which, by its size, is well behind the other dinosaurs). He is believed to have taken his victims to the upper limbs, as well as to have taken the stones and used them as a weapon. Large broad-based eyes probably had a sharp vision and were capable of discerning production in the bags. The long skull of the troodone has a relatively large brain than all the other dinosaurs. Read more about the Troodon dinosaur.


Despite what you saw in the Yuri Park, the Daynonich isn't smart enough to open a door handle (in Stephen Spilberg's movie, actually the Velociraptor played this much bigger lizard). But there's strong evidence that Dinonihi was hunted by packs that should have a certain level of strategic thinking and communication, and therefore more brains. Read. more dinosaur Daynoni


When it comes to the intellect of dinosaurs, it's no more than your brain than your other reptiles, but how great your brain is compared to the rest of the body. In this connection, the small size of the Compognat chicken seemed to have been an honorary student, perhaps as smart as a very stupid mouse (in the mesosis, it was sufficient to fit itself in a developed class). The lizard lived about 150 million years ago, at the end of the juridical period, in areas where Europe is currently located. Reading more about the Dinosaur Compagnat

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