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Dinosaurs wall on map:

Стена динозавровPhoto: Dinosaurs wall

The dinosaur wall is a unique archaeological monument from the 30th floor. It's 1, 2 km long and 68 million years old. That is when, in the second half of the Mel period, the wall was the bottom of the freshwater lake. And the dinosaurs came here to drown their thirst and find out what to live with food. But as a result of the shifting of the tectonic plate, the bottom has risen and is almost vertical, it is now tilted at 70 degrees. Researchers calculated 5,000 tracks on the wall that could leave 294 different dinosaurs. This amazing place was discovered by accident when in 1994 one of the employees working near Sucre of the cement factory just decided to take a walk. All right, K. Schutt, and he found a wall, full of stunned dinosaurs! There were clear traces of long-overdue giants on the back of the rock. As paleontologists say, this number of prints of giant laps in one place in the world is nowhere else! Later, near the famous Dinosaur Station, a museum was opened where you can see the natural value of those who left their mark. Of course not the real giants, but their makeup. However, children and adults are enthusiastic about visiting this Metropolitan Park. Children are particularly aware of the history of ancient times, in close proximity to the evidence of prehistoric presence on the ground.

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The location of the Denosaurs St. ' s visibility on an interactive geographical map. Use the reference below to open the map to full size, and to see the hotels and other sights with which the Dinosaur Wall is close.

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