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Dinosaurs Evolution

Lines at the bottom of the ocean, eyes in desert-project land

Эволюция динозавров

The Original is taken from the Line at the bottom of the ocean, the Eye in the deserts of Project Earth.

Life is a weird thing. When you start to deal with it, scatter all parts of the mosaic or puzzle into your seats, there's a huge, inaccurate formation of fantastic sedation, mining waste, improbable, irresistible production on this planet that can wash the vast flow of clean water. At least 50 km in diameter.

It's 50 km, or 45 km in diameter.

It's probably not possible, and it can't be, at least on this planet, about the cotoroes, we don't know how much it's been until today. Planet, we've got free, temporary or permanent use, but we've given us the right to live on this planet free of charge, and now we, our parents, and, above all, our children.

Dinosaurs have never been

The eyes of the Sahara, this desert has many names. But the most interesting thing is that scientists geologic can't give him a logical explanation or don't want to. Like many things in this life that don't fit in official theories.

I was lucky in my life, I spent my childhood on the streets of Mogilev, that in Belarus, not the iPad or the computer. When playing in the sandbox or on the bank of Dniepere, pouring water on the sand or glyna can be seen. But there's another case, there's 50 km in diameter. Who, and how could that be, because, as we're told, a man is a creativity, and if Americans can't do something, nobody can.

If water is poured on the sand from the height, the water will leave a smooth concentration mark, or a trail, and it will either remain at the scene of the fall in the form of an entity, such as a bulb or a lake. Or if the surface is not flat, the water will flow down as the rivers do. The eyes of Saharans are such an education, the water was put in the spot, and then it went to the west of the Atlantic.

So, coincidence. Who needs water? Why?

It would be much easier if this Eye of Sahraw, or it was one of its nature. But that's not true, such entities, Eyes, lots of stuff. Here, jump these eyes,

Or these spills, they're pretty big, but smaller than the Sahraw Glass.

There's even less education, but still,

Another case, when it comes to space, all NASA photos of planets, including land, galaxy or seabed, cannot be verified. No man can make such pictures from either the plane or the other flying machine. However, the Google offers us an opportunity to see the seabed and rivers at any scale.

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