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Professor's Mistake Or Why The Dinosaurs Died 3

Atlanta, lemurians, people are giants

People are giants, Lemurices, Atlantas:

  • Mythology
  • Archaeologists and anthropologists
  • Elena Blavatsky
  • Nikolay Rerich
  • Drunvalo Melgisedek
  • Ernst Muldashev
  • Elena Rerich


The mythologies of all five continents contain references to the civilization of giants, which once prevailed on Earth.

According to ancient Egyptians, their first dynasty came from the race of giants coming down the sea, teaching them medicine and pyramid art.

In Greek mythology, giants were born on the soil from Uran's blood. The most famous of them was Antei, who was considered invincible because he had not lost contact with his mother. Gee♪ The only way to kill him was by ripping him off the ground, and only Gerakla was able to do it. At the same time, the giants and the gods of the Greeks are related concepts. Okay, the Prometheus Titan taught people how to use fire, and the Cyclops taught them metallurgy.

In its " Natural History " , a Roman who studied ancient stone plates found in the Tibet monastery put forward theory that the inhabitants of the Mu continent had used technologies that were far superior to modern, including the Great Sfinks, the Easter statues of the island, the Bamyan statues, Nan Madol and a number of other monuments of timber.

Researchers believe that the civilization of lemuro-atlants was the most developed civilization of the world. They had aircraft on which they could have left Earth. Indian Guru during expedition Syria, In Ain Dara's place, an ancient broken temple found traces of a giant man. The length of the trace of the giant was 90 cm, the width of the base of the finger 45 cm, the length of the thumb 20 cm, the length of the misinus 15 cm. According to the calculations, a man with such sizes should have grown six, five to ten metres.

There is a very detailed description of Buddha in the East. From this description, known as " 60 features and 32 characteristics of Buddha " , Buddha had enormous growth, hand-to- leg transponders, 40 teeth, corresponding to the description of the civilization of the athletes.

Many legends of the world will speak of giants, giants, titans, in all ancient written sources: the Bible, Aveta, Veda, Edda, Chinese and Tibetan chronics, talking about the people - giants.

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