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Films On Flying Dinosaurs

Watching online all the best movies of horrors about monsters, monsters, mutants, robots and creatures in hd


Original name: Sharkenstein

Terrors, fantastic, militant
Year: US$ 2016

Director: Mark Polonia
Greta Volkova, James Carolus, Titus Himmelberger, Jeff Kirkendall, Ken Van St., Yolie Canales, Catherine Suu Young, Steve Diasparra, Bruce Applegate, Christopher Beacom

What's the movie about?
In recent days, the Second World Secret Experiment for the creation of special sharks was closed and destroyed. But as it turns out 60 years later, these creatures survived all cataclysms, and now.

Original name: Diggers

Year:2016 Russia

Director: Tiyoon Corneev
Román Evdokimov, Anna Vasileva, Alaina Savastova, Vladimir Kuznetsov, Andrei Løwin, Maria Schekaturova, Evgeny Koryakowski, Din Fan, Kiril Kobzarev, Valeria Skirando

What's the movie about?
Night subway. A few minutes before closing. The last train is flying all the way past the final station.

Original name: The Shallows

ИгрыGhost, triller
Year: US$ 2016

Director: Haume Kolet Serra
Blake Liveli, Oscar Haenada, Brett Callen, Sedon Leje, Pablo Calva, Diego Espel, Janell Bailey, Ava Dean, Chelsea Moody, Sally Shally

What's the movie about?
An incredibly ocean, a deserted beach and an ideal weather for surfingists in search of a good wave. It seemed.

Original name: Morgan

Ghost, fantastic.
Year: US$ 2016

МонстрыDirector: Luke Scott
Cate Mara, Anya Taylor-Joy, Rose Leslie, Michael Jar, Toby Jones, Chris Sullivan, Boyd Holbrook, Vinett Robinson, Michel Yeo, Brian Cox

What's the movie about?
A disaster-reduction worker is sent to a remote secret office where he must investigate and assess the losses of a terrible disaster. On the ground, she will find out that what happened would have been caused by an innocent human being whose existence itself was

Original name: Terrordactyl

Ghost, comedy, militant
Year: US$ 2016

Director: Don Bitters III, Joff Ricener
Jack Curenton, Bianca Haaze, Christopher John Jennings, Kevin Keathor, Adam Ki, David Landry, Candice Nyunez, Leonel Oliva, Victoria Summer, Jason Tobias

What's the movie about?
When ancient flying reptiles attack L.A., it gives two friends a good day.

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