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Message On Why Dinosaurs Died

Why did the dinosaurs die

Why in the far past have many living creatures mass exterminations occurred on Earth? What was the cause of that, the fall of asteroids or the intensification of volcanoes? Paleontologist Kiril Yeskov thinks that if asteroids and volcanoes are somehow involved in these extinctions, it's only as the last "solominki that broke the camel's back."

Usually, the topic of mass venom that occurred in the previous eras always resurfaces when a new potentially dangerous asteroid is detected near the Earth or volcanoes are activated. At the same time, the thought is that such catastrophes may lead to the disappearance of most of the living creatures on our planet, as it has already been in a distant past. An example of the dinosaurs that were allegedly affected by the collision with the Earth by a giant asteroid is immediately given.

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I bet they always have success in the audience of different scientific and public media - people like things all the time. That is why the topic of immaculate extinction (external extinction) is often exploited by writers, directors and artists. How do scientists treat such hypotheses? Paleontologist, Paléontological Institute A. A. Borizyaka RAN Kiril Yeskov It suggests that extinctionists themselves, i.e. paleontologists, evaluate such hypotheses very sceptically.

"In the first place, let's talk about that asteroid and dinosaur, and, in fact, the reasons for the extinction of many animals on the mele-haleogenic border (65 million years ago) tells Kirill Yurievich. - I want to point out that the asteroid hypothesis wasn't the only catastrophic. Along with her, there was a volcanic version. And the reasons for this were: it was during these times that there was a strong volcanic activity. For example, the Dean flat in Indostan was the result of these processes.

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