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New Dinosaurs Films

And again about space:

новые фильмы про динозавров
I don't even know exactly where to start. I haven't been to the planetary for a long time, but I wanted to go in the summer. And recently, after watching the Earth and dinosaurs movie, Artemia started asking serious questions about the universe, and we were even gonna make a model using a big ball and small balls.

And it matched that there was a mini-planetary in the next town of Zukowski. That's great. And it's quite simple.

At the children ' s entertainment center, they placed a learning tent:

Starting a man in 15. There are a few chairs, but it's much easier to sit or lie on the floor.

The organizers include the projector and show a film on the Sun and planets. If there were more special glasses and a better sound, it'd be a total flight, but it's good, too! At least the kids are five to six years old.

The event is focused on students, but something tells me that it's the most interesting thing to do with amateur preschool like Artemia, and amateurs of new impressions like me, by the way, asteroids have been particularly fond of, : And the schoolgirls are smart and they're filming things on their phones. ♪

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