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Dinosaur: mystery of lost world

Мой домашний динозавр

Moquele-mbe ое long dinosaur, which, according to stories and rumours, survived a massive extinction of 65 million years ago and takes place in Africa. The situation is similar to that of the Loch-Nese monster: there is talk in the people and there is no strong evidence, and the official science of these cases does not recognize. This film is about looking for dinosaurs in Africa. It should be noted at once that there is nothing to do with the book Lost World.

There are scientists here. They seem to have found evidence of the legend, but they haven't found the lizards themselves, and they're starting to look. You can see a beautiful nature in the movie, and it's a plus. But there's a boring script in the minus. There's not much to follow. Scientists go through the jungle, speak to Aboriginals. At some point, there's a desire for an ambulance. See dinosaurs'Cause there's been a lot of time, and there's clearly not much going on.

Events pass without enthusiasm, and when dinosaurs appear on the screen, it only gets worse. It is clear that prior to the Park of the Jura Period was far away, but such sorrows, artificial chips prevented even the creators of very old films. It is possible to recall the Million Years to Our Era or the Dinosaurs Rules of Earth. Those films are much older, but special effects have been made in good faith, and so even now they can be treated with respect, but there are м cheap and negligent.

Of course, there's a predictable move in here, "the evil people want to hurt their animals." It's a good idea, but when the actors are a little pushy, and the dinosaurs are a little louder and less, there's no need for dramatic turns. Although, we have to admit there's anxiety here, though weak. The baby has a nice face. If the brothosaurus were not like artificial legs with rubber necks and heads, and artificial long tails, it would be a matter.

But primitive effects and pale feelings of concern are not limited. At the end of the film, it turns into some kind of ugly commotion with elements of a stupid militant. I don't want to laugh, I want to get upset.

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