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Best Dinosaur Movies



Lucas, a 13-year-old teenager, didn't expect much adventure to go to another vacation. But fate has decided in its own way: the plane on which he flew falls into a disaster. When he wakes up on a strange island, the main hero with horror finds out that there are pre-historic reptiles on this piece of land.

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You want to survive ся adapt.

Thirteen-year-old boy Lucas finds a piece of quartz in his grandma's house, who's been in the hospital for a while, and Lucas's house is five seconds away from his mother, because it's got to be checked. The boy takes the crystal with him, without knowing he's the one who's going to be guilty of leaving the plane off the radar.

Lucas will wake up on the sand beach, but there won't be a soul around. He's gonna go through green looking for the wreckage of his plane, but he's gonna hit three colored dinosaurs. And if it wasn't for one girl, it would be his last hour on the island. Kate saves Lucas and tells me what it's hard to believe: they're on the dinosaur island, outside the time (Cate's 1940 birthplace), there's a fog from which cargo planes come, but they never have people. Lucas . the first person to be here. First one after Kate, of course. We have to survive.

The blindfold is very similar to " Coming from the future " , only there was a melophone. Since that fantasy, many different magic stones have been conceived. It's a beautiful nature. If it weren't for dinosaurs, it's a heaven corner. However. ♪ ♪

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