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Bowboys versus dinosaurs

Эра динозавров / Age of

The cowboys against dinosaurs are as many (and may be little) in this word. The project ' s founders have known for so long as to leave their video, which eventually decided to " scare everyone equally " , because the posters to the film are the proud pavocal title " Boov vs dinosaur " , and the entrance windows recognize it as not less a paphostic " Lure Hunters " . An inconceivable viewer will ask, " in cowboys, action will turn right on the wild west like a Harison Ford movie! " , but I won't say. All events are now in place, and cowboys, as such, can count one in this picture, apart from two other American citizens who are proudly downloading on horses as armed firearms with unfinished weapons. Then the viewer asks, "Why are the hunters in the law? The action is turning into reality in our days. " It's been in a film about illiteracy or excessive chaosity. But fuck him with the name, we're more interested in the contents! So we're gonna burn it.

The film opens a bad actor game in the face of statistician miners and a pretty girl in the line of duty. Sarah Malacul Lane♪ Against the backdrop of a mediocre game, we are told that very rare metals are being stored underground, and we need to dig it quickly, well, the schedule and all. Since work is not expected, it's decided to use explosives. And if, from now on, the reason for the discovery dinosaurs in film Very clear, it is not clear why armed M16 was attached to the Malakul mine. Maybe later, so the miners don't rape Sarah Malacul. Further, we are shown to be lack of security in the use of explosives in enclosed space. I've never worked at the mines, but it's like it's dusty, and the blast wave can lose its lives, at least the handkerchiefs on your mouth, like the real cowboys did when horses move, or step on a safer stowage. In short, let's drop these details, move straight to the main, dinosaurs, whose 3D models were converted into this film from the Jury Attack, the truth is that they look a little better here. The unfinished flow of cyclics torment the peace town. The lizards don't eat anyone, but they just leave the kind of bodies whose colour clearly signals that, in front of us, a living man who has been put on by his father with the guts and ribs, and they've already put so badly that they can laugh. I'll even get my attention at a time with a man's dead body, which is why a terrible lizard was screaming. So when the body of an unhappy man finds the police, we see that the man turned his ribs out! There's an eyewitness to notice that the integrity of a man's chest indicates that, in principle, his ribs are on the spot, and even if we accept the conditionality we have shown, you still know that the rib cannot be ripped! You can't keep the soft tissues coming to the throat, leaving the chest in the other relative whole. I feel like a first-class surgeon was working here, not an armed dinosaur claw. Let's move on, dinosaurs from small to great Tirannosaurus, which, by the way, is the only one who didn't want to eat everyone and all those who hit him on the tooth, take over the city. A few laughers are trying to counter the prehistoric threat by hiding in some kind of racing, as suddenly, the heroes understand that the dinosaurs are not a ski of schita, they prayed for millions of years underground, learned to adapt to methane as its bearers, and as such the assholes could easily blow up and lure gas. But that's it. ♪ ♪

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