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10 films and series on friendly dinosaurs

Кадр из сериалаSince people have learned how to play dinosaurs on screen, movies and TV, two different traditions have been fighting. One of them prescribes that only evil monsters be seen in dinosaurs, while the other allows dopotop lizards to be friends of people or even positive chief heroes. As it is clear from the name of the new Pixar Mulfilm, the Good Dinosaur followed the second tradition and described the joint involvement of the young dinosaur and the human child (as opposed to dinosaurs, cave people in the picture are only semi-wise). Where else can I see the good dinosaurs? We remembered ten movies and shows where the positive lizards live.

Cadre from Flintstone.

The best American figure before the Simpsons, Flintstone portrayed the life of a working family from the stone age. One of the permanent but secondary characters of the Multiserial was Dinosauri Dino, living in the Flintstone family on the rights of the animal. In addition to the classic Dino show, we can also see Flintstone and Flintstone films in 1994 and 2000. At the beginning of the show, the animators were thinking of making Dino the servant of the leading heroes, but then they decided that the role of a fun pizza would be better for him.

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