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Dinosaur In Toy History

Toy stories

Герои мультфильма История игрушекIn the category of History, there are figures, Baz Laitera Radio, entertainment kits, dolls of Jesse's talking phrases, and in which we remember the multal history of toys. All the talking toys in the History of the Toys are reproducing the phrases from the mulphile in English only.

Legendary hero Buzz Liter or Baz Svetic, (Buz Lightyear), Woody's fictional cowboy, Jessie's beautiful, funny. dinosaur Rex, Spiralka's dog, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, of course a teddy little Lotso who smells like strawberries, Bulzai's horse, little Big Babey, Emperor Zurg, Alien's alien, and it's not all the heroes of the toy history that you can find in our possession. Toy stories are being produced by Mattel, Disney, Thinkway Toys.

The History of Hawaiiian Vacation is, of course, the main heroes of Woody's carpet (Woody), Baz Later (Buz Lightyear), and Jesse (Jessie) who speak the phrases from Hawaiian Vacation. Heroes are dressed, beach Hawaiian dresses and accessories. The dolls of Woody's toys, Buzz, and Jesse's Hawaiian style are 30 cm in size and treat soft toys except Buzz Liter.

Toys from the Multifilm History is one of the most popular categories of our Internet magazine heroes of Goody-Good. You can always buy all the dolls of toys at the most affordable prices in Russia. Order one of Baz Liter's heroes, Jesse, Woody, Rex, Zurga or a bow lotso bear, and make sure of it yourself.

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