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Good dinosaur watching online

Хороший динозавр смотреть онлайнMulthylm
Title: Good dinosaur
Original name: The Good Dinosaur
Other name: Good dinosaur
Year of graduation: 2015
Director: Peter Song

For what: What if, millions of years ago, a giant asteroid flew past Earth, dinosaurs would have survived our days? What would that be? How would people coexist with such giant animals? Responses to these questions can be found in a remarkable Multifil from Pixar Animation Studios Good Dinosaur.

As a result of the catastrophe of the young apatosaurus, Arlo lost his father, and the seventieth baby fell into the sea, where he was hit by a rock. Turning away from home, Arlo is trying to find a way back to the mountains. He's on his way to meet Spot's human child, with whom the young dinosaur has a strong friendship...

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