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Ark Survival Evolved As Handing Over A Flying Dinosaur

Ark survival evolved how fast to pump

Животных в ARK можно приручать




Ark Survival Evolved fast track - Guide to how fast or faster to roll for players who just start playing ARK Survival Evolved.

  • You can easily leap from 1 to 15 levels, Cloth Hat ая Tkanya hat.
  • After that, the best time to get Raptor е Raptor, because you will collect a lot of Narcoberry е Narcobury and extract meat from Dodo. Dodo.
  • As soon as you've reached level 15, one of the fastest ways to raise the level is to kill a lot of Dinosaurs with your assigned Raptor. Try to kill more Stegosaurus . Stegosaurus because they give more XP. Don't try to kill Spinosaurus or Rex , Tyrannosaurus , Tirannosaurus because you will lose your Raptor!
  • After you raised a little bit more, you can make Tranquilizer Arrow and go hand Spinosaur or Tyrex. Spino's gonna need some 20-30 tranquill arrows. It's best if you have a partner to shoot arrows. After you get Spinosaur. Ask the chat about helping create a sedla for Spinozaur, or try to get that sedla out of ray drones.
  • After you have Spinozaur and the saddle for him, go and ruin all the dinosaurs without stopping.
  • The murder of Brontosaurus й Brontosaurus will give you about 20 xp. The murder of Tyrex or Spinosaur will give you experience + 40! Stegosaurus don't give much XP unless they're above a certain level.

Ark Survival Evolved as quickly as possible, or as fast and faster as other players to roll.

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