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Watching Dinosaurs Free

Central Children ' s World

Just a year ago, we were in the newly updated Central Children ' s World, and today we went there to look again for NSA gifts and refresh the impressions. There's a tree in the central atrium, the kids drive choirs and steal smaller trees.

I'm not talking about the price, and it's clear. What made me so upset! So many beautiful toys, and you don't need anything. And I won't say he's spoiled by toys, no. I don't understand.
We went to the Dinosaur Exhibition again, and we had a free children's ticket somewhere. The path of red reptile ran in 10 minutes, but the scientific and popular film had to be seen twice! Still interesting. ♪ Zyrkus's quartermaster was hit by a pretty short movie about dinosaurs again. And they also found Innopark out there, and Senka just got up and started practicing, then put it down, grabbed it all.

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