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Поезд динозавров все серии подрядBig flying dinosaurs expect babies to be born, but one of the newborn birds has a strange colour, no wings, and even a little stick. The rattled heroes of all the series of the dinosaur drives in a row are dying with an unusual baby, and they call it without stopping Buddy. Except for an unusual appearance, a shameful child is not different from wing peers. In every episode, Buddy is studying the world, asking hard questions about flights, gathering food, plant names and visual formations. Despite the touching care of his adoptive parents, the baby really wants to see a real mom. Young parents take dentals on a fascinating journey on an unexplained edge of dinosaurs. To find parents of a curious orange baby, the family's going to the Dinosaur Train.
By the fascinating route, all heroes travel in a row to the red country. There's room. species of predatory dinosaursfriendly grassy creatures, other prehistoric creatures. The trainer describes in detail the characteristics of every dinosaur, his wedding, his favorite food, his usual leisure. Among the great wildlife, Buddy hopes to look at his relatives and finally understand who he is. Long journey helps heroes learn all the secrets of the life of the magnificent dinosaurs, turn into a water vortex of exciting adventures.

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