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Highest Dinosaur

The highest dinosaur in the world is the highest animal on

Самый высокий динозаврFive positions have been identified but will gradually increase their number. The rating will be updated periodically.

As we can see, the first place now belongs to an early encroposidon. It's not just the tallest. dinosaur in the worldbut also the highest animal of known science. Its growth is approximately in line with the height of the five-six-stage house.

Giraffe, the highest animal of our days, compared to the posseidon, would appear to be a liliput: the record height of the African mammals is only about 6 m, which is less than three times. We'd like to see the titanium on the side.

Illustration from American paleontologists Matthew Wedel and Richard Sifelli."Sauroposeidon: Oklahoma's Native Giant."2005 g). A little supplement is done by us. Here: A = Zavroposeydon, B = giraffatitant; C = human; D = 6stage building.

Самый высокий динозаврNext, a picture of one of the fragments of Zavroposeidon.

Eight neck vertebrae plus the back of the seventh. Michael Taylor and Matthew Wedel (right) were located.

What can you describe a leading group of dinosaurs? As in the case of length and height, all the leading positions are corned, long four-legged bulbs feeding vegetable food. The Brahiosaurid family and their close relatives are particularly distinguished. Titanosaurides follow.

It is important to note that this height was achieved primarily through the long neck. With her help, the vegetation could not only reach the winds, but also vegetation in a significant radius around itself. Don't take any further steps.

Other leaders will also be rightly illustrated.

Next, there's a huge Chinese Daisyitatan sitting next to a man. From the Spanish paleohuman Asier Larramendi.

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