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The Biggest Predator

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Вилорог (вилорогая антилопа). ФотоThe second place in the velocity of terrestrial animals belongs to a velocity (villo-roof antelope) in North America. The velocity record is 98 km/h and the velocity can run at a high speed far longer than the hepard. It is notable that such skills of cycling have acquired competition with the now extinct predator, a North American hepard. There's no predator in modern North America that could be driven with a velocity.

The third velocity in terrestrial animals belongs to an African antelope that can develop speeds above 80 km/h.

антилопы гну. ФотоThe fastest bird is sappan. The sappan peaks up to 440 km/h.

However, in a horizontal flight, it is faster than the sappan, the swallow (cluster) haircut, which can develop a speed of 169 km/h.

The fastest fish is a sailor who can develop a speed of 109 km/h.

The fastest marine mammal is a colic. She can swim at 55, 5 km/h.

The fastest insect is the American cockroach, which can run 50 times the length of its own body in one second.Самая быстрая птица - сапсан. Фото For a sprinter, it would be 330 km/h. For the cockroach, it's a speed of 5, 4 km/h.

The strongest. animals

The records of force are insects, as they can raise and carry a gravity dozen times greater than the mass of their bodies. The strongest of all is a beetle-blower who can weigh 850 times the mass of his body.

In the second place, in force, a mouraway that can carry a weight 50 times the mass of his body.

иглохвостый (колючехвостый) стриж самая быстрая птица в мире. фотоIn third place, a luxury spider who can wear a weight 40 times the mass of his body.

The best jumpers are high among animals.

The best jumpers in terrestrial mammals are members of the cat family. Hepard can jump at a height of 4, 5 meters, and the bullet can be 4 meters.

A third place in height is the leap of ground mammals belongs to a kangaroo, which can jump 3 meters.

It's the dolphin-Aphaline that jumps six metres up.

Of the fish, the keta jumps above all, which during the migrations can override obstacles at a height of 3,65 metres.

However, the best jumper in an animal world is a flea, it can jump at a height of 34 cm, 150 times the size of its body.

Самая быстрая рыба - парусник. Фото Самое быстрое морское млекопитающее - косатка. Фото Самое быстрое насекомое - американский таракан. Фото

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