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Lawn Park (1993)

Парк Юрского периода (1993)Alan Grant and Ellie Settler are doctors of paleontology who are invited from the rich professor to visit his island near Costa Rica. Having appeared on the spot and met other guests, including a journalist, master ' s grandchildren and mathematics, Alan and Ellie are witnessing an infinite sight. Turns out this island is a real preserve in which dinosaurs are living, reconstructed from DNA extracted from prehistoric insects.

This park is a living dream of any paleontologist, but Ellie and Alan are very soon to know that scientists have reached the maximum number. dinosaurs and not limited to grass. This is a matter of concern to scientists, because prehistoric predators are strong and very dangerous, so the safety of the park ' s visitors can only be ensured in the uninterrupted operation of the security complex. Regrettably, an unscrupulous officer violates the security regime at a time when a storm is on the island.

Year of issue: 1993
Country: USA
Jeanr: adventures, Fantastic
Quality: HDRip
Translation: Professional (multiple)
Duration: 02:06:35 Sam Neal, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Richard Attenboro, Joseph Matzello, Ariana Richards, Wayne Knight, Bob Peck, Martin Ferrero, Samuel L. Jackson

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