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Kiss the wolf (38 photos)

Поцелуй волка (38 фото)There's a Polar Park on the Loften Islands in Norway, where visitors are invited to participate in an extravagant wolf kiss. You're being set up in a huge vole where five adult predators live. And then, if you follow the instructions of the park and forget that the wolf paste is capable of breaking the femur bone, you can feel the wolf tongue and its breath. By the way, it's fresh and it's not giving up the dog as it could seem.

But everything is in order. ♪ ♪

Voler of the wolf pack reminds me of Park. JURY"that's the same dried fence in two rows. The size is as small as five football fields. To be honest, at first, it's rather fearful, especially if you notice that wolves are waiting for guests:

Two gates open as predators enter the buffer zone:

The instructor said that you need to get on your knees and wait for the wolves to develop and come closer:

In fact, a minute passes and this dangerous face starts to be friendly:

For the long pastures, predators don't change and start licking your face right now:

Feels very strange:

For reference: the wolf range pressure is 300 kg per square centiment:

The wolves don't kiss the guests, so they're familiar. The first thing you're drawing attention is that there's absolutely no smell from wolves:

After a meeting, we have to sit on the shorts and take all the attention from the wolves. You can't get up, go, drink animals, etc. After they've learned, you can clean it up carefully, but only by the torso. You can't be on your head and your neck. Photos from the side of Anastasia Ustenikov:

The wolves are young and have not yet been identified as one of them, so they're starting to scream at each other:

After the animals fell a little bit, I got the camera and started filming:

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