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Dinosaurs Watch Online Free In Good Quality

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Animal computer film, dating from 2000, was filmed by Walt Disney's studio. " Dinosaur " is the first in the history of multiplying a film made entirely by computer. He's the one who's been pushing this rapid development of computer animation. In this film, the most beautiful places on our planet are combined with a virtual computer schedule, and the characters that were created at that time using the latest technologies look alive. This film ports viewers to a long time of prehistoric times in which dinosaurs of huge sizes lived.

Aladar Dinosaur, still unsuccessful, enters the lemurov family where they raise him. Everything's going great until the meteorite of great size falls on the ground next to their house. There was a catastrophe that destroyed the island and forced Aladara to flee and flee. Now we need a new house. On the road, they meet a herd of dinosaurs, the leader of which is stubborn and cruel Kron. Aladar meets Niroa, the handsome sister of the chief, and they have a sense of mutual sympathy. Aladaru, who has never seen his soul, has to reign the science of dinosaurs. Aladar is going with the others to find a new home, and the Lemurov family has to meet with many dangers, including carnots. Ultimately, the dinosaur herd finds a fertile green valley, and Aladaru succeeds in conquering the respect of the natural. Multfilm will be interested in seeing both the children and their parents.

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