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Dynosaurus Documentary Filming Online

Dinosaurs film is alive! 3d

Смотреть документальный фильм
Michael Douglas, Sterling Nesbitt, Alan H. Turner

A wicked, fascinating and incredibly fascinating film that will carry the viewer into an amazing world of dinosaurs and will reveal the remarkable discovery of these extraordinary creatures. Starting from the first dinosaurs of a fairly modest size, no more cats or dogs, ending up with bald monsters, size with three or four-story house... The film directors were David Clarke (Titanas of the Lednikov period, Galapagos 3D) and a nominator for the Oscar Prize for the shortest documentary, Bailey Silk. The author reads Michael Douglas. The story of the film reveals the ancient lizards of the trias period that lived about 230 million years ago. What did those ancient animals feed? How did you multiply? What are the characteristics of their behaviour that have allowed them to reign on the planet for so long? And most importantly, what animals in the modern world can be considered to be their descendants? The answers to these and many other questions you will find out if you decide to watch the Dinosaurs live!

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