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Original name: Animal Planet: Animal Armageddon

Year of issue: 2009

Jeanr: Documentary, scientific, fauna

Discovery comunications, LLC

Director: Jason McKinley, David Connelly.

About film: Since the beginning of life and evolution on Earth, it has been subjected to terrible catastrophes, destruction and chaos. How could human life survive in such cyclical destruction and could such disasters be part of our immediate future? Using modern computer animation, state-of-the-art research and theories of the show will try to reschedule the audience at a time when our planet was at the centre of the most serious and devastating catastrophes, from the space bombing of the gamma radiation, the bombing atmosphere of our planet, causing the very first disappearance of life on Earth, to the giant asteroid from Mount Everestan, which fell on the Southeast. These natural phenomena were the most devastating and unprecedented catastrophes on our planet that have destroyed dinosaurs and animals♪ For 600 million years of animal history, approximately 99.9 per cent of the world ' s animal life, which has ever been, has now been extinct. The Armageddon of Animals series sheds light on the development and subsequent disappearance of these amazing creatures.

♪ Death / Toedliche Strahlen / Death Rays

♪ Hell on Earth / Die Hoelle auf Erden / Hell on Earth

♪ Great extinction / Das grosse Sterben / The Great Dying

♪ Inspired / Langsames Ersticken / Strangled

5x. Day / Das Ende der Dinosaurier / Doomsday

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