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How do you get your silver button?

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The silver button for the Utuber is an important indicator of success. She's the one who proves that the canal's audience has been over 100,000 subscribers. But it turns out some Utubers don't get a winning award. Vlog.PRO found out why.

A silver (also gold) award has been granted for several years. Even a diamond bonus, 10 million subscribers.

Give the buttons to the Utubers started when many popular channels (e.g. TiX) had a giant audience. They were given to the biggest gold buttons, but the silvers of the domestic utubership were never seen.

However, it has recently become known that many of the new generation ' s tubbers have been unable to obtain their awards for a long time, although the subscribers on their canal have had enough. Some of them still haven't received the button.

Okay, in order. The only thing that's needed to get a cherished button is to have 100,000 subscribers. That's it. Video representatives say: " The engagement of subscribers is a difficult matter, which is why we reward those who have succeeded. However, if the necessary indicators have been unjustly achieved, the author is denied the right to a prize. "

Where the buttons come from.

The buttons are manufactured in the US and sent to Britain. There is a trans-shipment point for parcels to other countries in Europe. It is from there that the awards are slowly delivered to Russia and the countries of the post-Soviet area.

The representative of Russian YouTube Kirill Litovinsky described the difficult path of rewards: “They have to grow and pay the fee... honestly, when all this goes away from the office, the fog of war...”

YouTube's official website says:

" When your canal recruits the required number of subscribers, we recommend that we enter the Creative studio on a regular basis. There must be a unique code notification within a month. After that, you will only need to indicate your personal data and address. The code message will be here about a month after you get the right number of subscribers. Wait!

Why aren't the buttons coming?

The buttons reach the addressee for months. They're sent by a logistic company that takes all the costs of the plant. All he has to do is wait and answer the e-mail from this firm itself. And there's a problem here.

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