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Books On Dinosaurs For Children

Weekbook: " Such different dinosaurs "

Книга недели: «Такие разные динозавры»In this number, the book " Different Dinosaurs " , recently published by " Melik-Pashayev " , has a special place. She was conceived as the first to meet a child. World of dinosaursand therefore not burdened with complex terms, and virtually all are in play form. Dialogues and descriptions are very simple and fascinating, but all information is scientifically accurate.

The first part of the book, painted by the young Moscow multiplier, Philippe Yarin, is an attempt to imagine how a day of dinosaurs could look, how they could interact and why. It's like a fascinating movie where the ridiculously painted lizards are hunting, fighting, and they're always sharing lines.

In the second, encyclopedic part, illustrated by the Matre of the Moscow animist Alexander Sickarem, describes and details the most popular species of dinosaurs, as well as their " neighbours " and moderns, flying and floating lizards and mammals. They are so plausible that they appear to be painted “in kind”.

At the end of the book, questions and assignments were placed, performing which the reader could return to read, learning the names of ancient reptiles and some paleontological concepts.

The book helps a small child to learn about the environment in which dinosaurs live, their lifestyles and species diversity. Also, the difficult work of the paleontologists, the process of searching, studying and rebuilding ancient reptiles.

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