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Why Did The Dinosaurs Die 100 To 1

the russian paleontologist knows why the dinosaurs died

They say that most of the remains of the ancient lizards are found in the Ulyanova region. Is that it?

♪ Our region is the Clondaik for scholars studying the mesomo era (approximately 100 million years of nazad). Some even consider Ulianovsk to be the capital of dinosaurs, smiling at Vladimir Efimov, Director of the Paleontological Museum in the Undor of Ulianovsk. - Era of giant lizards left thousands of fragments of these reptiles in the Ulyan land. We find them.

The funds of the tiny museum are stored in 100 complete skeletons, which are ready to fight the best museums in the world. Plus 2,000 rocked bones on the shelves. Everything was found here, on the spot, by the Director of the Institute himself and his co-workers.

В селе Ундоры можно развернуть целый парк Юрского периода! In Undor's village, you can deploy a whole Yuri Park! Photo: AIF/ Alexei Yuhthan

Where are the skeletons?

Vladimir Efimov didn't just go with a shovel and dig sand. He, a scientist with a world name, opened up new types of marine reptiles that lived millions of years before our age. Some of them have given Russian names - symbirscosaurus, theirthiosaurus of language and batonia (in the honour of the Simbir Paleontologists of Language and Quazakova) Kabanova) And the most eyewitnessed of theirthiosavres has received the name " Lenin is brilliant " . Recently, in Samara, where the International Conference on ancient animals was held, young scientists from Norway presented their discoveries on Spitzbergen. New superstition scientists were able to give their names. The Norwegians were laughing! These beasts have already been found and described by Efimov in 1991, and for a quarter of a century they are called undorosaurs, in honor of the village of Undor. Wild lizards under Ulyanova can be digging and digging, and there's a total of two customers, Undorovsky and Sengileevsky. A scientist planet! An already existing collection of marine lizards that had been produced in the Undor, if it had been displayed, could be placed on a site with a red area. But who needs "Lenin Bliss" now?

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