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Date Of Dinosaur Grass Paintings

Big change

Сравнительные размеры различных зауроподов и человека. Кликните на картинке, чтобы увеличить изображение. Изображение пользователя Dinoguy2 с сайта the years of the publication of biology and science-popular books, there has been some tradition of portraying dinosaurs. Ancient lizards are painted by ISLI leather creatures, with huge fangs, if it's a predator, and with a tiny head high on a thin neck, if the lizard was grassy. The latest paleontological data prove that everything was wrong, and the dinosaurs were literally soft and furious.


The reconstruction of the external species of dinosaurs is a very difficult exercise due to the paucity of the remaining remains. Sometimes paleontologists find skeletons of ancient lizards. However, there is a much higher incidence of scholarly bones or parts. In order to re-establish a person ' s or dinosaur face, specialists need to determine how they were attached to the bones of the muscle and the dryer, to determine the approximate volume of soft tissues, to place on the fur coats received and to cover all these skins. In order to carry out all these procedures, researchers need to undertake multiple calculations and determine the most likely hypothesis of the facility.

If paleontologists are lucky to find the bone fragments of dinosaur bones that have not yet been found, they may specify the existing models of their appearance. Sometimes the amendments made do not alter the general picture, but at times they force scientists to significantly re-examine the appearance of ancient reptiles.

Comparable sizes of various subpodes and humans. Click on the picture to increase the image. Dinoguy2 from

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