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Name Dynamics

League of paleontologists

изображения животных названия
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Paléontology is a science of past organisms that have remained in the form of fossil remains, as well as traces of their lives.

Community rules

Posts for a diverse range of paleontological faculty and illustrative topics, discussion and exchange of views, and principally: adequacy and lack of knowledge or falsified facts (by the type of people in the Romans).

Banlist only for spamers, trolleys and inadequates (including offensive communication styles in response to comity comments)
The community's announcement is forbidden.

Everyone might ask a question. We'll try to help you:

- Kainozoy knowledge. Dinosaurs extinctionalso help on general issues or when someone else does not answer.

- Dinosaurs and everything that's connected to them.
- knowledge of a variety of animal biosystematics and the past of the planet as a whole.
- Paleozoi and mammals as class.

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