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Earth of dinosaurs: time travel (video)

«Динозавр» Тирранозавр T

Two couples of newborns enjoy the charter cruise on the Caribbean Sea boat. Through the storm, they appear mysteriously on the coast of the mystery island of Caprona. This island exists within a time limit in the Bermuda Triangle. The island is full of anachronistic residents, including dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals, and the German submarine U. Youth, together with the boat captain and Germans, must fight to leave the island and return to their own time.

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Untold interpretation of the forgotten novel, attached to the exit of the non-threatening striker

The story of my misunderstanding, as well as the origin of this misunderstanding, is quite confusing. I'll start by seeing the movies of the Asylum studio, I'm looking out of curiosity just before I see some blockbuster they took off their fake. Started with everything I've decided to watch all the movies about King Kong, starting with the ancient 1933 painting, finishing Peter Jackson's ride in 2005. I was aware that this film was filmed by the Mukbster of the Titans of the Lost World, but I didn't know it was a simulation of Arthur Conan Doyle's classic novel. Then I decided to take a crazy step: to look at all the available screens of the Lost World: from the 1925 Film to the 2001 Solid TB Project, after which I looked at the version of the 2005 Asylum studio and noted it as the most giftless and repugnant interpretation of the classics, where only the hateful dialogue of Conan Doyle had been so effective. Slowly, but correctly, I approached the so-called " blockbuster " of 2009, which is also called the " Lost World " , and attracts a solid budget, a famous American comedian in one of the roles, and a Russian sound of quotes to our famous comic, the most important hero. But no special effects, no Danny McBride, no Sergei Svetlakov, couldn't paint a full smear of what happened after the adventure. And this is the kind of creation that has come to taste for a lot of blunt humor and absurd censorship, which has also put our " loving " studio Asylum in the eye. And this time, their counterfeiting under a separate blockbuster (with the novel of the Lost World, the 2009 single-name film had nothing to do with it) was also the so-called screening of Edgar Burrows' classic romance, which is known as the Earth, forgotten time, and which was screened only once in 1975. The Asylum Mobsters have never been better than the originals, but when the original is lousy, the idea before the forgery was "will it be worse than the original? ”

The old filming of the Earth, forgotten by the time, was quite an acceptable movie, but it was designed only for those who read the novel, the others would understand not everything. However, the film was viewed as interesting and welcomed by a beautiful picture and excheon, as was the 1976 Earth Centre Travel, which was filmed on his own novel in the suburbs of Earth, only the name of Jules Verne was used to screen. It was the same sikwell, which was removed in the second part of the Burrows affair, which was called “Loudy lost time”, and the sicwell was called “Kaprona park”. It's a pretty good adventure, too. They forget after a review, but you realize it's not a waste of time. The films of the Asylum studio were not original in the removal of the mobbaster, and gave another pointless track. The only thing in which this adaptation of the novel " Earth, forgotten by time " is the adaptation of the " Lost World " ой as a picture: " Dinosaurs ' s Earth " is very qualitative, even the dinosaurs themselves are shown by a more affordable computer schedule, and the landscapes of the island are very beautiful, not only at the beginning of the film. The problem with film is that It was a pseudo-meaning movie.dialogues in which there is absolutely no criticism. Well, there's no one to take an example with. Dinosaurs movies " The Park of the Yuri Period " might, in the end, be able to mourn something worthwhile if it was not in a position to come up with normal ideas. Why, if they take the classics, they're gonna turn it around? Paul W. S. Andersen filmed the Musketeers, which painted the Duma ый novel, in turn, took off the Musketeers' adventures and turned the novel into a ridiculous farce on the modern palace. The only acceptable free screen was provided by Asylum with the Bachelor and Prince of Elfs, but it seems to be their ceiling. Did they even know what they were filming and what they made to say heroes? Goes and images of dinosaurs а are not all that's required for the adventure film. I'm sorry, and this time, not on the quality of pictures, but on the quality of story and dialogue.

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We keep spinning classics in the coffin. Part 3: On the Caprone and the submarine on land

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