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#pokemongo pokemon biology: how the picachus works

Гиганты мира рептилий:

Pokemon biology: how Picca and Bulbazaur are built from inside

I hate Pokemon Go! Seriously, I used to relax at home, order pizza and play on the computer... But Nintendo should have let this viral game go, like I've got to rush to the street every weather, run somewhere and leave the comfort zone at all. But there are some good points here. For example, I've got my own home line, Ivy's pokemon. In real life, it would take 50,000 roubles and free time... Can I take Evie to foxes if it has eight radically different adult forms, one of which is the Waporeon Seminar? There's something in the pokes' biology to think about and learn.

Christopher Stell's artist is building a Pokenatomy gallery, trying to figure out the internal device of one and a half hundred basic pokes. You can support his work by participating in a cruise campaign that Christopher is doing through the Kickstarter platform.

Voltorb pokeballum

Wolthorb retained the metallic shell of the pokebol, which protects it as an empty sink hidden by the Paguroidea shell.

The wolf ' s ability to use electrical charges to protect and attack has a non-biological nature. It is likely that pokemon has learned to use the feeding of quantum generators of pokebol.

Wolthorb is an electric poemon that has successfully developed inside the pokeball. Extremely aggressive, most likely in old power stations.

It is assumed that the voltorb ' s appearance is bound by an error in the work of the planting, which has led to the emergence of a strange and unfriendly hybrid of a high-tech device with a living being.

Bulbasaur Allium

Classification: type of chorus (Chordata), sub-type vertebrata (Vertebrata), graduating quaronogy (Tetrapoda), class of animal (Theromorpha), beast-like reptiles (Therapsida).

External: small quarter-legged poemon, rising to 71 cm and weight to 6,9 kg. A wide mouth with a couple of sharp teeth, a powerful three-pop with claws. There's a vegetable bulb on the back.

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